Development environment

Steps to setup the folders for development


Commands to follow step by step

Your folder structure should be like this at the end of the Cinder setup:

Blocks to checkout in you Cinder/blocks folder or better, use ./ from /videodromm/videodromm-controller-cinder

Those steps can be seen on


On linux only: git clone --recursive -b android_linux ( follow instructions on )
on Windows/OsX: git clone --recursive
Open Cinder.sln in the vc2013 with Visual Studio 2015
Compile it with Visual Studio 2015 using Batch build: check 32 bit Debug and Release versions
Create a test project with Tinderbox


If you use Python, setup version 3.5
On linux:
apt-get install: python3 python3-pip
optional: ipython3
Setup Crossbar on Ubuntu